Our Sanathana Dharma identifies God with sound vibration (Naada Bramha) and the movement caused by power of speech (Spandana Sidhantha). Sivapadam is the sound of Lord Siva, it is the word that makes us closer to Lord Siva and the path that eventually takes us to Lord Siva. Sivapadam is the essence of the school of thought of all the vedas, puranas and sastras. It is a garland of words and a necklace of divine nectar offered to the feet of Lord Siva.

Sri Samavedam Garu wrote over thousand keerthanas on Lord Siva, With the rule to write one keerthana each day. At a very young age, he has completed this incredible task with each utterance being a grace of Lord Siva. Highlights of Sri Samavedam gaaru’s Sivapadam include Siva leela moorthys such as Jyotirupa, Umamaheshwara, Dakshinamurti, Aadikirata, Nataraja, Aadibhiksu, Tripurasura samhara, Mrutyunjaya and Sivalingaradhana tatwam. These keerthanaas encompass different Incarnations of Siva told in Rudranamakam, Vedas and Puranas, Siva’s Sabdhabramha swaroopa, Magnificence of Sivapanchaksari, Philosophy of Jagadamba and many more facets of Siva’s leela.

Sivapadam kirtanaas were released to the public in the form of books, programs, cassettes and CDs. Many organizations and individuals have selected songs from Sivapadam and presented them as Sivapadam Dance Ballets, Sivapadam concerts with various famous artists adding their own sense of devotion and creativity to the process. This Sivapdam keerthanas were released by some commercial companies as their CDs as well as Cassettes. In order to increase the awareness of these beautiful hyms to Lord Siva, Rushipeetham has come forward and released them in various audio formats. A few of these are available on our website and all others in our estore soon.