Rushipeetha Puraskaram

Rushipeetha Puraskaram is another facet of our reaching out efforts to ensure that Arshadharma is protected and propagated. For many years Rushipeetham has been commemorating and felicitating stalwart men and women who have contributed in keeping our Arsha Vidya intact. Some of the great men we had the fortune of felicitating include Shri Pullela Sriramachandrudu, Shri Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry and recently Shri Dorbala Vishwanatha Sarma. As Lord Krishna said in his Geethopadesam, the ultimate aim of human life is self purification (Chittha Sudhi) and seeking diving blessings (Deva Anugraha). Arshadharma has identified that this is possible only through penance. Penance of mind, body and speech.

We are only a product of what our teachers and gurus have taught us. No matter how much we do, we can never really, fully pay them back for what they have selflessly given us. A person who is drowning always looks up to the person on the shore to help because other people who are also drowning cannot help. Likewise, we who are totally caught up in the materialistic world cannot get solace from others who are living like us, we need to look up to the learned scholars who have gone above and beyond the trappings of this world. Rushipeetha Puraskaram is such a program which tries to honor such men who are on the shore and are helping others reach the shore. We realize that no matter what we do, we cannot fully honor these great individuals. But we are working hard to ensure that some of these men and women are paid their respective dues.

To this end, with a Sudha Chitha, Rushipeetha Puraskaram has been working tirelessly to promote and pay homage to the elderly scholars of our society who have lived the life prescribed by the shaastras. Such men and women of wisdom are living embodiments of our Aarshadharma. We strive to recognize such people and make every efforts to see that they are properly felicitated. We realize from our ancient sages that worshiping our teachers (Dwija, Guru and Pragna) helps attains these twin goals of self purity and divine blessings. We regularly identify and felicitate such great men and women who have continued the unbroken chain of Bramha Vidya education to not only better themselves, but also change the society by inspiring and impacting many lives.