India is home to a multitude of art forms such as music, literature and Dance. One of the most notable features of these art forms is that, Indian art is a means to God realization. Our music comes from the Sama Veda and our dance comes from Lord Shiva himself. Our literary heritage is so vast and rich that we are not even aware of its depth, till this day. Most of our arts have been lost during the last thousand plus years of external occupation. Our vidyas have been sidelined and eventually exterminated by these non-Vedic forces that have swept our nation. Thousands of year back, our ancient sages have calculated the circumference of Earth and other planets. They have identified that Sun is the centar of our Solar system and not Earth. Kalidasa have revolutionized the field of literature with his epic plays such as Abhijñānaśākuntalam, Vikramōrvaśīyam and others.

Even our physical fitness activities such as Kusthi etc come from Lord Hanuman and Bheema. Every facet of Indian life is spiritual and holy including our arts. The Vedic arts include but are not limited to, yoga, literature, poetry and theater. The perception of our sages is that even arts can lead to Moksha. However, in modern times where survival is more important than understanding and appreciating arts, its difficult to realize how art can lead to Moksha. But there are still many great sages in India who made these arts as their life and breath. Identifying such great people and taking their art forms to public has been a goal of Rushipeetham.

To this end, Rushipeetham has been organizing programs on Music, dance with many artists. In the process, Rushipeetham is encouraging and also facilitating these artists across many places. In addition to the above, Rushipeetham is also felicitating these artists, who have been working to keep their art alive during these challenging times. Sri Samavedam Garu has delivered many of the discourses on music, Literature and Dance. Annamayya, Thyagaraja and Muthuswamy Dikshitars became some of the topics of discourses by Sri Samavedam. Many of his speeches on the literature of vaggeyakaras like Harikatha Pithamaha Srimadajjada Adibhatla Narayanadasu, Narayanatirthulu and Appaya Dikshitars are to educate the common man about these great men. Rushipeetham has released the CD’s of these discourses, which are available for all.

Sri Samavedam Garu has also written many dance ballets like “Sambhavami Yuge Yuge”, “Gangavataranam” and “Sivanatya Vaibhavam”, Keerthanaas such as “Sivapadam”, “Saptachala Mahatmyam”, “Venkatanatha” and methodological Literature such as “Ramacandraprabhu”, “Neelakanteswara” Satakas. All these are available through Rushipeetham, which is endeavoring to ensure the survival and appreciate of Indian arts.