Go Seva Go Samrakshna

Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari Goseva Samiti, Vijayawada.

Indian tradition calls cow, Gow Matha and Gow Malaksmi, treating cow as a mother and divinity. For thousands of years, we have worshiped and valued cow as the ultimate symbol of motherhood. A society based on agricultural for centuries, we have developed as a community thanks to our cow worship all these years. The cow has helped us in our physical labor for farming and provided us with food for thousands of years. The by-products of cows have been used as alternate fuel in our villages and towns for many generations. The scientific value of this has been well established. No other country on Earth has this tradition of worshiping the cows unlike in India. Understanding this greatness and respecting our time honored traditions, Rushipeetam has come forward with the sole intention of protecting and improving the living conditions of Indian cows.

Some of Rushipeetham’s Goseva and Goraksana programs are:

1. Cow care: Improving the living conditions of cows, making sure they are treated with respect and well fed.

2. Eradicating Cow slaughter: Complete eradication of cow slaughter in the country where it is supposed to be worshiped by creating awareness across communities and especially among young people on the importance of safeguarding cows. Eradicating the sale of cows to slaughterhouses and working for complete ban on these slaughterhouses.

3.Taking responsibility of providing appropriate financial resources to Gosalas and provide assistance to their effort. We are working to identify Gosalas across our country and help those in need.

4.  Bringing awareness for use of Cow products and the by-products by making this research available to people.

5.Special mention of cows and their importance in all Pravachanams by Samavedam garu to increase the consciousness of cow protection to the public.

Either directly or indirectly, Rushipeetham has helped many Gosalas in the past few years. Rushipeetham Magazine has published these services periodically. Furthermore, Rushipeetham has published information about many Gosalas in many different areas to increase their awareness. Rushipeetham is contributing to different organizations who are working hard to prevent cow slaughter and promote research and development regarding importance of Ayurveda and the use of cow products. Some of the Gosalalas Rushipeetham has helped are:

1. Sri Surabhi Gosala, Rajahmundry.
2. Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari Goseva Samiti, Vijayawada.
3. Gosala at Sri Mata Vedia Pathasala, Saket, Hyderabad.
4. Sri Krishna Ananda godhamam, MANGALAGIRI, Guntur District

We encourage all Indians to constantly strive to protect our cow heritage. Details regarding Goseva donations can be found in any of the Rushipeetham branches or by sending an email to donations@rushipeetham.org.